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Santo Diablo: Un despertar espiritual audiolibro descargar gratis. Audiolibro completo en Español y castellano mp3 sin publicidad.

Holy Devil is a collection of reflections with which Leandro Taub teaches us to see life differently, addressing human feelings and the things which keep us from making progress; in them we find the knowledge that will lead to spiritual fulfilment. The Holy Devil is a creature which develops its strength and, with patience, can deal with any circumstances: the more the obstacles he overcomes, the more his power is increased. He has a wonderful physical, mental, emotional, and sexual strength. This audibook opens doors to new knowledge of the mystery: the root of Being. It teaches the listener to fulfil his work. It makes the Holy Devils expand their consciousness through new sources of knowledge which delve into justice, concentration, awareness, action, service, devotion, and health. The audiobook was published in Mexico in July 2012.

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