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La mente oculta audiolibro descargar gratis. Audiolibro completo en Español y castellano mp3 sin publicidad.

The Hidden Mind is the audiobook about the mind. This audiobook describes the mind, its purpose, its functions, its risks, its strengths, its parts, its modes of action and provides practical knowledge, training and evaluation of it. In the words of the author, Leandro Taub, «The mind is the fundamental tool that gives form to the matter. Our will conducted through thought, word and deed is the direct result of the mental power. If we educate the mind, it will be our great ally. If we do not educate the mind, it will be our great enemy. With an educated mind we can choose goals, directions and arrange our present to advance in our search. With an non educated mind we are dedicated to digging, suspect, limit, create stress and suffering. It is possible to live with an educated mind. It does not depends on external factors, it depends on the work in the knowledge of ourselves.»

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