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Alma y cómo obtuvo su nombre audiolibro descargar gratis. Audiolibro completo en Español y castellano mp3 sin publicidad.

¿Cómo terminó Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela con un nombre tan largo? Mientras Papi le cuenta la historia de cada uno de sus nombres, Alma comienza a sentir cómo cabe perfectamente en ellos. 

What’s in a name? For one little girl, her very long name tells the vibrant story of where she came from – and who she may one day be. Spanish language edition!

If you ask her, Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela has way too many names: six! Just think of how hard it is to fit them all on the back of a little photo. How did such a small person wind up with such a large name? Alma turns to Daddy for an answer and learns of Sofia, the grandmother who loved books and flowers; Esperanza, the great-grandmother who longed to travel; José, the grandfather who was an artist; and other namesakes, too. 

As she hears the story of her name, Alma starts to think it might be a perfect fit after all – and realizes that she will one day have her own story to tell. Juana Martinez-Neal opens a treasure box of discovery for children who may be curious about their own origin or name story.

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